Our Focus

Our new innovations will response to the changes in technological development and consumer demand while strongly support Thailand’s economic growth strategy in developing its Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC)

Due to an increasing trend of competition in the petrochemicals industry and the rapid changes in the technological development as well as the consumer demand for the environmental-friendly and health-friendly products, GC has altered the development of new innovations, both in the manufacturing process and in the product development that increases commercial value, with regard to the reduction of impact on the environment and society as well as the creation of stakeholder satisfaction throughout the supply chain. These efforts support Thailand's strategy for developing its Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) to enhance potential economic growth in biofuels and biochemicals.

Innovation for the Future

In order to maintain its competitiveness among the challenges and rapidly changing situations nowadays, GC has established strategies in pursuing research development and innovation to focus in 3 businesses as follows:

Existing Business

  • Upstream Process Technology
  • Upstream Products
  • Polymers Products
  • Polyolefin Catalysts
  • Downstream Technology

GC aims to enhance profits from existing business by focusing on R&D activities in upstream process technology, upstream products, polymers products, polyolefin catalyst and downstream technology to respond to market situations and customer needs

Growth Business

  • Compounding
  • Polyurethane Technology
  • Bio-based Chemicals & Bioplastics
  • Performance Chemicals & Materials for Growth

GC will leverage our R&D capabilities and R&D network to support a growing business and enhance the sustainable competiveness by focusing in compounding business, polyurethane technology, bio-based chemicals & bioplastics, and performance chemicals & materials for growth

New Business

  • Advanced Materials
  • Materials for Clean & Green Technology
  • Specialty Chemicals/Materials

GC has focused on advanced materials, materials for clean and green technology and specialty chemicals/materials to explore new opportunities according to global / regional market trends. This will involve both new customers and new market segments.

GC has a clear methodology and target in resources allocation on R&D activities, including collaboration with business partners both internal and external R&D networks. This aims to manage R&D investment portfolio while leveraging R&D competency and market network from external to expand the destination markets and customer-base to both local and nearby regions, supporting company’s direction and goal.

Innovation Development Process

GC is well aware of complexity, uncertainty and risks in various areas affecting innovation, as a result, it has implemented processes to examine research, development and innovation projects. This has been achieved by defining the principles covering numerous key factors, ranging from technologies, intellectual property, and investment profitability to impact on the environment.

Innovation Products