GC Open Innovation Challenge 2016

First-of-its-kind challenge for innovators to co-develop lab-to-market projects in Thailand's petrochemical industry. GC invites participants to submit idea proposals for Smart-Eco Innovation in product or process development. Your initiatives must lead to commercializable application; meanwhile it must be ecologically sustainable.

Let’s co-create better chemistry for better living

PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC) has launched Open Innovation Challenge as a crowdsourcing external innovation initiative to bring in new ideas and technologies to accelerate toward commercialization.

Congratulations to the Winners

Smart-Eco Products
Photocat Team

Project: Upgrading Sugar to High Value Products and Chemicals by Green Technology

Smart-Eco Plants
Powerpuff Girls Team

Project: Carbon Dots: They are 50 Times More Expensive Than Gold

Circular Thinking
Graphenal Team

Project: Microporous Graphenal Polymers for Uptake and Transformation of CO2 Gas